The Jeans image is a concept with an idea of telling a story by creating a portrait of a young man.  With this project, we diversified the options and possibilities of X-ray photography by making a statement with humour within a single image for the world of advertising.  Creating this image was our most elaborate project this far, which required a complicated set-up and multiple X-rays.  

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X-Ray Photography is a collaboration project by Ehsan Mahdizadeh and Silvija Crnjak.  We have combined the digital technology of the computer, camera and X-ray to see the unseen.  We have implemented an innovative approach to photography.  By thinking outside the box, we can now see inside of it.  It is our pleasure to introduce everyone to this unique way of creating multi-dimensional images.  

All images are copyrighted and all rights reserved by Silvija Crnjak and Ehsan Mahdizadeh